Friday, September 13, 2013

This Week in Education…

I’ve just finished my second week of Kindergarten with SugarPlum (5). It’s quite the adventure. I’m recording our book lists and some of the games and activities we’ve enjoyed at Classical Explorations. The content and style is quite different from what I usually write here so I’ve opted to post on a separate blog. Every week or two I will compile the posts from Classical Explorations into a single post which I’ll put up here. I hope you take a peek at a post or two. The ideas certainly aren’t just for people who use Classical Conversations as their core curriculum or even just for homeschoolers. Never let a good book list go to waste.
blogger-image-557985143 An almost comprehensive list of library books I’m using for our study of ecology.
IMG_3014 Our super fun active geography review game.
Every week a group of 8 4-6 year olds join us for a morning of learning through games, art, activities, and play. This is what we’re doing next week.
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closet I’ve had it. I’m breaking dustbunny hearts.
blogger-image--1135310145 A list of the core books I’ve picked out for our first week of school.
blogger-image--1981265361 Modern Slate. I love this erasable whiteboard. It’s cheap and environmentally friendly.